About Ben
Hey there, thank you for coming to my page. It’s me, Ben. Over ten years ago, at the start of my spiritual journey, I dove straight into a strong style of Korean Zen meditation, which incorporated yoga into its program, helping me understand the integral connection between mind and body. Since then, I’ve done three silent Zen meditation retreats lasting 90 days each, completed three yoga teacher trainings, and have been a dedicated yoga teacher for six years. As a former improv comedian and dancer, I possess a sense of humor and ease of movement that makes my students and clients feel comfortable, liberated and joyous. Using the natural qualities of my personality combined with in depth training in yoga, meditation, reiki healing and life-coaching, I offer services that can expand your physical, emotional and mental awareness in ways you never thought possible. Take a look at the services on my main page and let me know how I may help you. I hope to hear from you soon.